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The following is a list useful links that I have compiled. If you wish to be added to this list, please send me an e-mail.

A cave and statue in Hulne Park ---->
This is the Cave of the Nine Year Old, "guarded" by a Matthew Mills statue (placed about 1777).
Interestingly, this cave is close to the Brizlee Tower observatory.

Percy Family History
A very readable site on the history and genealogy of the Percy family.
Alnwick Castle History
The official Percy/Alnwick Castle site on the overall history of Alnwick Castle and the Percy family.
John Dee
A good site describing the incredible tale of master mathematician and magician Dee.
The Holy Grail
A comprehensive site on the history of the Holy Grail.
For information relevant to us, go to Chapter 7 (about 3/5 down the page).
The Freeman's Well
An interesting site about Northumberland wells in general, go to about 4 paragraphs down for info on the local "Freeman's Well".
Silbury and Avebury
An interesting take on the Avebury connection.
Ley Lines and Ancient Earth Energies
An extremely interesting site which demonstrates the effects and influences that rock, soil and underwater streams can have upon us.
Alchemical Manuscripts at Alnwick Castle
A genuine database of alchemy documents forming part of the collection of documents at Alnwick Castle.
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Some Alnwick history not mentioned on other sites ...
My other Alnwick history site, with stuff you won't find elsewhere.
James Smithson
James Smithson, the "forgotten Percy" was a chemist, metallurgist, and freemason. And he never set foot in America ...
Hugh, Earl Percy (1742-1817)
A very interesting bio.
If you don't try out any other link, try THIS one !! Old maps (from 1860 or so) of anywhere in Britain ... free ! Also has links to free OS and aerial photograph sites.

The more you look, the more you find ....