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Seeing is believing

More pics of the factors that enmesh Alnwick in an unending dark embrace.
On the right is the old de Vesci family coat of arms. This can actually be seen in Alnwick today (amazingly), embedded in the wall above the "Dirty Bottles" pub. One story has it that this was in fact a gravestone that was shoved in there ... upside down.

Brizlee Radar Outpost

This is the "golf ball" radar unit on Alnwick Moor.
RAF Boulmer

This is the RAF radar unit on the coast, about four miles from Alnwick.

The cross at Alnmouth

The river Aln flows down the Aln valley, through Alnwick, and into the North Sea at Alnmouth.
The mouth of the river there shifted many years ago in a terrible storm, from the left of the site of this cross, to the right.
The storm also destroyed the church that this cross marks. The church was commonly known as "Woden's Church".
The "wizard earl"

The 9th earl was a central figure in "The School of Night".


It is difficult to over-state the significance of the relics and alchemical manuscripts that we know are at Alnwick Castle.
The Crown of Thorns has a verified history, and one of the thorns WAS given to a past Earl.

Imagine, a thorn with the DNA of Jesus upon it !
New developments at the Castle

Recent work on the castle grounds (to create tourist-attracting "Gardens") have involved much disturbance of the soil near to the Castle, and massive water-works are planned.

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