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The truth is down there

Denwick Bridge, the River Aln just downstream from the Castle.

The Aln rises near Alnham, in the Northumberland National Park, close to an Iron Age fort, and passes through Whittingham, past the "Devil's Causeway", through Hulne Park (past the Priory), through Alnwick, and thence to the sea at Alnmouth.

In actual fact, Alnwick again demonstrates that ever-present weirdness: it must be one of the only towns in Britain NOT to sit astride the river, but to be separated from it by a castle !

Alnwick Castle

Petworth House

For many years, Petworth House was strongly associated to the Percy family.

Syon House was provided for the "wizard earl" and his colleagues (including John Dee) by Queen Elizabeth. There he consorted with the greatest minds of his time, including the master mathematician Thomas Harriott.

The House was actually constructed on the remains of Syon Abbey in 1415, one of the last of the great abbeys.
Syon House

Syon House, near Richmond.
Note that there were great gardens created here many years ago -- it seems that Alnwick Castle is being brought into line with Syon House.

The "Percy" crest

The crescent shape here includes a heraldic "fetterlock" (or manacle), presumably to show the family's loyalty to the sovereign.
Diana the Huntress

The cult of the "earth mother" stretches back to the very dawn of man -- Diana is often represented as one such example.
However, it is worth recalling that early (or primitive) gods were often vindictive and malicious.

Brizlee Tower Observatory

An impressive structure, the exterior of which is easily accesible to the visitor to Hulne Park.
The high hill that the tower stands upon is Brislaw, which has at least two ancient camps on its western slope.

The Sion Lion

No, not the Lion from Alnwick, but the original from Northumberland House, now standing upon the east front of Syon House.
Similar lions are to be found at the gates to Syon House.

All roads lead to Alnwick Castle ...

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God bless us all.